Easy way to debug backend code Test Environment

Hi All,

I have a Test Environment deployed on cloud, So I also do not have access to file system and unable to see logs.

What is the best way I can debug server code in this environment?

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Thank you for your question!


Unfortunately, debugging options are limited in the cloud. 

You can deploy the application on-site. And it will be possible to debug it:




For this, reach out to us at and ask for the installation files and well as the backup of the instance you are working on.


Also, you can enable debug mode for your instance (it is a system setting called "Debug mode" with code "IsDebug") and re-login to the application.


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Anastasiia Lazurenko,


Hello Anastasiia, Thanks for the reply. Actually, I have written a cs file for a new case term strategy. It was working fine on the local Environment. But, When I installed it in dev environment, It is not working as expected. 

SInce It is handled properly It is also not throwing any error.


How to know what's wrong in this kind of situations? I need to know whether the cs file is installed correctly or not.





In that case, I'd suggest to contact us at, so we could provide you with application logs for the mentioned data and you'll be able to analise it. 


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