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When an email is linked to an opportunity, a lead, or another object, I need it to be readable by everyone. How can I achieve this?

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To add a bit more context to what Mariana is asking: 


users should not share the mailbox with all employees as there is confidential information sent to the personal mailboxes (ex: salary receipts)


But if an email is received and linked to an opportunity, a lead, or another object it should be acessible to everyone, 

is it possible that this specific email is visible for all employees?


I imagine it would take a business process or is it possible to achieve this without business process?




You could have a process with signals: 

  • Activity with Type=Email added and Opportunity is filled in
  • Activity with Type=Email modified in Opportunity column and Opportunity is filled in


Then all you need in the process is the Change Access Rights element to add read access to all employees. 


Also, add other entity columns (Lead, etc) to include other entities. Doing this would mean if an email is linked to that type of entity, the email would be viewable to all on the timeline and associated email lists on that record. 





For such functionality, you can set up a business process with a "Change access rights" element and trigger process on Lead or Opportunity changes. You can read more about this element here -

Thank you both :)

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