Dynamic Link in Email Template


How to add a dynamic Link to the Email while showing the display text as shown in the figure. 

Like 2





At the moment, it is not possible to generate dynamic links (unique for different contacts). However, we have registered your request with the responsible development team.

A workaround solution is to create a hybrid of a link and a macro: href="https://some.url?[#Contact.test_URLProducto02#]" - will work But href="[#Contact.test_URLProducto02#]" - will not be tracked.

Tracking is added to all elements marked as links at the time of sending and can be identified as links. Since we use additional parameters in the link for link tracking, we need to know exactly how to add them to this link: ?bpmtrackId or &bpmtrackId.


When the entire link is passed by a macro, this is impossible for us.

The product marketing supports macros specifically IN links, but macros AS links are not supported.

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