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do u know if there is a func in Creatio where dynamic fields can show up on page , let's say if I enter number 3 , 6 text fields should show to be filled mandatory .  and If I enter 2 , 4 fields to show up . and if I enter 1 , only 2 fields will show up . 

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Dear Shailey,


You can add several business rules that will show fields on the page according to the value within the field. Amount of rules will be the same as maximum number that can be entered in the field. 


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Thanks Anagela , I somehow was expecting this business rule , but incase a max num in the field is not defined , how can this situation be handled?


But what if user inputs value "100" or "1000" in it? Will you expect the system to show that many fields? Also, even if fields are shown and hidden via code they still must be present in the object so the values could be saved in the system. This could be done via code, but adding an unknown amount of virtuals fields to the system could be challenging task. 


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