Display all processes connected to the record


As we connect records to the processes, we would like to display in a detail of the page (e.g. Account) all processes (from Process log) connected to that Account.

How could it be possible?


Thank you!

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I believe that you should be able to achieve your goal by using a [Connect process to object] process element.


With it, you can connect the started process to the Account you want.

First you will need to read out the Id of the record the process should be connected to and then tie it in that element, it should look something like this:


Hope it helps!


Thanks, but we already know how to connect. Now we want to display all the processes connected to the certain Account in the detail on Account page

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You could try creating a custom detail to your section.

The information on the processes connections are stored in the "Object in process" table (code: SysProcessEntity)


Thank you.

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