Develop in file system mode not updates in Creatio

I configured my local Creatio environment to work in file system mode and setup Visual Studio 2019 as described in Creatio documentation.

I Created a package from Creatio UI setting to be compiled in a separate assembly.

I see that in Pck folder the Package folder has been created with a visual studio project file (csproj file) in "Files" package subfolder.

I created a Business Process in Creatio with a script task and I see that the corresponding "cs" file is created in "Autogenerated/Src" package subfolder and it appears on visual studio.

If I update that cs file, changing something in the script task method the changes are not replicate to Creatio.

I used the "Update Packages from file system" action but the "No changes found" popup appears. I tried compiling the project in Visual Studio, using the external tools to run "WorkspaceConsole" as described in Creatio Documentation but nothing goes from file system to Creatio.. actually I see the Creatio script task version to overwrite my file system file. 

Am I doing something wrong? How can I correctly work with my custom package in file system mode and let my changes to be seen from Creatio?


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Dear Massimiliano,


Thank you for your question!


We have checked this information with our developers and they have confirmed that there is no ability of editing a Business Process in a file system mode.


Hope this clarifies!


Thank you!



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