Deleting replacing schemas which have schemas inheriting from them

Is it possible to delete a replacing schema when you have also created inheriting schemas based on that schema? I've tried this, and it seems to turn the inheriting schemas into being read-only, showing the following message when trying to edit them:


Here is an example set up for this issue:

  1. Create a replacing schema of FileDetailV2 (called FileDetailV2, as it as to be)
  2. Create a schema inheriting from FileDetailV2 (any name)
  3. Delete the replacing schema created in step 1

Once these steps have been performed, it appears the inheriting schema created in step 2 is now read-only for some reason. My expectation would be that, because the OOTB FileDetailV2 still exists, there should be no issue. Does anyone know how to resolve this?




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Hello Harvey,


We do not recommend to delete schemas that are set as [Parent object] for some other schemas. It could lead to unexpected system behavior and further errors. 

Furthermore, we suggest performing  [Compile all items] and [Compile modified items] actions when deleting schemas and packages from the [Configuration] section. 


Best regards, 


Olga Avis,


Thanks for your reply. I think the same issue could be reached by doing step 2 first, and then creating a replacing schema of the schema that inherits from, and then realising this wasn't what you wanted so you delete the replacing schema. In this case, you could break things without knowing, since on a larger project you may not be aware of every schema which inherits from another schema.


Is there any way to bypass this warning message, since it doesn't describe the situation (the schema isn't 3rd party and wasn't installed from a file archive)?




Harvey Adcock,

It seems that your schema and the package of this schema is locked and as a result you are not able to modify it. We cannot provide you with the script that unlocks the package and the schema, but you can email us at and provide us with the link to the app, the name of the package and schema and we will unlock it for you.


Best regards,


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