Delete Request Handler

Hi Community,

I tried to delete a record in the list page with menu option based on below Code. But I got the  Error shown in the image


                            "type": 'crt.MenuItem',

                            "caption": 'DataGrid.RowToolbar.Delete',

                            "icon": 'delete-row-action',

                            "clicked": {

                                "request": 'crt.DeleteRecordRequest',

                                "params": {

                                    "itemsAttributeName": "Items",

                                    "recordId": "$Items.PDS_Id",


                                "useRelativeContext": true



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Not sure what you are trying to accomplish.

Are you trying to create your own delete button based on the menu item? Then you can try doing it with a "Run Process" option or use the base menu item for the record.

Or are you receiving this error while using the base "Delete" option? In that case, make sure that you don't have connected records for this object (for example detail) because currently there is a problem with the base logic and it won't allow you to delete records with connected objects until version 8.1.

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