Delete Column in Edit Page

How do I delete a column from an Edit Page? We have sections with unused or accidentally added columns that we want to clean up and not have visible in Edit Page

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Hello Jeremy, 


The column can be deleted directly from the Section Wizard. 

If you have different data on UI and in Section Wizard, for example the column is visible on UI on the page but not available in Section Wizard (or vice versa), you'd need to check the value of the "Current package" system setting and set it to Custom, such issue may occur due to incorrect dependencies of your packages.

The "Custom" package is the very last package in the hierarchy, it "contains the functionality" of all other packages, so the mentioned issue should not occur once it's set as current package.

If the issue persists despite the provided recommendations, please contact the support team at so we could proceed with investigation.

Best regards,


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