Default values for new record created from lookup window

Hi Community!


I have the following requirement:

We need to link a custom entity called reclamations to the activity. This has to be done m:n. So I have created a new link entity called ReclamationInActivity and added it as a detail to the ActivityPageV2.js.


When adding such a ReclamationInActivity record from the activity a new page opens and the user can open the reclamation lookup window there to select or create a reclamation.

When they choose to create a new reclamation, the account and contact have to be prefilled on the "new reclamation" page.


I cannot use business rules, because there is no link from the reclamation to ReclamationInActivity.

Also, using a business process is not an option, because the user would have to save the record first and we need to prefill the values.

Is there a way to achieve this by javascript somehow?




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If I understand you correctly you want to add a value to columns "Contact" and "Account" from your activity. If so, you can use a simple esq request to get these values and set them in the init or onEntityInitialized methods.

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