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Hi community,

I believe this must be quite common, that you would like to setup a default user profile.

Most users are working in the same time zone and should get the same initial user profile that is linked to the location of the headquartes of the client:

Time zone : throw system setting Default TimeZone

There are a couple more that I would like to have default values:

1) Date and time format

2) Call center-> disable call center integration

Is it ok to go into advanced settings and define the default value in the tables directly? and if so which tables/columns should be updated?




Like 2



Hello Luis!

Yes, you are right, you can set default time zone for all the users using [Default TimeZone] system setting and I've just registered a query to our R&D team to implement default date and time feature.

As of Call Center Integration disabling, can you please specify your business case so I can provide you with more accurate answer?

Thank you!

Hi Bogdan

Thanks for quick reply.

In terms of call center integration, the costumer I'm working with does not have or want call center integration so it would be nice to have a system setting or something similar that woulf disable for all users the phone icon and the several calls history that are in some of the tabs.



Dear Luis,

You can only disable the telephony integration in the call center parameters in the user's profile. But using the development tools you would need to do it manually for each user. 

But you can run this update query which will disable it for all users

UPDATE SysMsgUserSettings SET ConnectionParams = '{"isWrapUpDisabled":false,"debugMode":false,"disableCallCentre":true,"isAutoLogin":true,"useWebitelCti":false,"useWebPhone":true,"useVideo":false}';

As for call history, you can just delete this detail from the page through the section wizard.



Dean Parrett,

This should be a feature request. I'd love this feature too. There should be a default settings for Date time format and Disable call-center integration. 

Hello Van Ly,


There is a system setting called 'Default messages exchange library' that sets the telephony integration library that is used by default. You can choose another telephony provider in the Default value field. Thus, the system will not send queries to your telephony provider and it will be turned off for all users.


Furthermore, we have already registered the idea for our R&D team to make this process clearer and simpler in further releases. 


The same for the default date and time feature. 


Thank you for helping us become better!


Best regards, 


Hi Olga, is there any update on allowing us to set the default date/time format? I can't see anything in the system settings, but it's hard to believe this wouldn't be something that can be set easily.



Unfortunately, the functionality of the default date and time format was not implemented yet.

Your business task could be achieved via development.
To achieve it you should perform the following steps:
1. Remove constant value from the SysAdminUnit object;
2. Set up the constant value to the replaced VwSysAdminUnit object.

Please note that our R&D team is working on this feature and it will be implemented in future application releases.

Hi Mariia,


I'm not sure I fully understand the instructions, are you saying we should create 2 replacing objects, 1 to replace SysAdminUnit to remove any Constant "Default value" from it, and another to replace VwSysAdminUnit to add a Constant "Default value" of what we want to it? Just wanted to confirm as we don't want to break anything around SysAdminUnit, and I was sure why we should put the default value on the View Object rather than the Table Object. Would greatly appreciate any insight on this!


Many thanks,


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