Debug Bussiness processes in



Is there a a way to debug business processes in version


I found this but it doesn't work:…


I found this too:

But in this case, the business process does not generate a file .cs in the schema folder. 


Im using Clio to generate the packages projects, but the cs code of the bps its never generated in the packages. 


Looking forward to your comments. 


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Dear Javier,


Thank you for your question!

The best way to monitor the Business Process error messages is to turn on the Traces parameter of a particular BP.

But please note that this may impact the system`s performance.


You may find these Academy Articles useful:


In addition, you may turn on the Debug mode of the whole Creatio itself by typing in this string in the browser`s console:

Terrasoft.SysSettings.postPersonalSysSettingsValue("IsDebug", true)


But please make sure to turn it off as you are finished as it impacts the system performance.


Hope this helps!






Hi Danyil, 


Thank you for your response, I know about Traces parameter, but actually I'm trying to debug server side business process' c# code(script task) in visual studio. 


Isn't that possible? 


Best regards, 



Javier Collazo,


Hi Javier,


This is only possible using C# interactive tools like dnSpy (can be downloaded from here) where you need to connect to w3wp.exe process of your application pool and debug the logic in real time.


As for connecting the app to Visual Studio - you can do it, but this feature was developed to allow development in the File system, but not debugging.


Best regards,


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