Deactivate the existing DCM Case in Lead Section

Hi Team,

We have a use case, in which we built out the 2 case lifecycle in the Lead Section.

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And we have deactivated the OOTB case lifecycle. This DCM process built out of new column known as ("Lead Flow Status").

When we export this package and import in new environment. The existing Case, Column to build the stage, Column determines which case case to be used - all the things are not updated.

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My use case is to build it out of new lookup column("Lead Flow Status"). And DCM flow changes based on new column ("Current Stage"). This need to be reflected in my proceeding environments.

Can you let me know any data Bind need to be done to deactivate the existing case and update other two fields. Or write any scripts for it ?

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Adharsh S


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Hi Adharsh,


you can try such a script, just use names of DCM you want to deactivate:

Update "SysSchemaProperty"

Set "Value" = false


    ("SysSchemaId" IN

        (SELECT s."Id" 

        FROM  "SysSchema" s 

        WHERE s."Name" IN ('DocumentCase','ContractCase')


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Vladimir Sokolov,

I could see 6-8 records when we run the query. As "SysSchemaProperty" contains many records for each SysSchemaId of different properties. Which column should be updated to "False".

Also I have attached below the image for reference which is the query result of deactivated DCM Case in local development environment. I could not able to find any column with value as "False".

Image -1 : "Result query of deactivated 'LeadCase' DCM"


Image-2: "Result query of newly activated 'LeadFlowCase' DCM"

Result of both queries seems to be similar. Not major difference. Initially I thought, Enabled property defines the Active/InActive state of DCM case. But in this case both values are True.

Kindly help us with it.

Best Regards,

Adharsh S

Adharsh writes:

Yes, you are rights. Enabled property should be set to false.  

... AND "Name"='Enabled'

But I don't know why they both are Enabled if one of them is deactivated.

Also I see in our project, that Enabled property for LeadCase didn't exist in production enviroment, so script just adds new one:

INSERT INTO "SysSchemaUserProperty"





Vladimir Sokolov,

Thanks for it. I am able to deactivate the existing OOTB - Lead case stages. But the columns "Which column to build the stages by?" and "Which column determines which case to use with a record?" are not updating, Retains the same state. 

Ref Image,

Kindly help us, how to update these values! Am I missing any other thing?

Best Regards,

Adharsh S


You should find SysDcmSettings in bound data (the easiet way to to find by Modified On date) and set 'Forced update' for column Filters. 

I think it can help


Kind regards,


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