DataBinding Printables

Hi All,

I have a use case, to data bind the printable and use it across instances. I have dataBinded with the object SysModuleReport, 

This is actual dataBind been setup in the instance,

But after the dataBinded and installed in other instance, I could see only Setup report data columns alone be binded but the associated Setup Report Tables are not been binded. As you see in below image,

Can you help me out with this, how to make a complete databind with all the setup in report tables also.

Adharsh S

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Hello Adharsh,


It seems that SysModuleReportTable object wasn't bound to the package. Please also bind it and try to perform the installation once again.


Best regards,


Oscar Dylan,

Hello Oscar, 
i absolutely have the same problem but i binded the SysModuleReportTable correctly.


BR, Stefan



Please email us at and show us the app. It's impossible to analyze such questions without actual access to the system where bindings were performed and the package developed, unfortunately. We will take the package, install it to the clean app and check the result and if the report tables are not passed to the target website we will check the bindings.


Best regards,


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