Custom hyperlink in email body

I need to add a calculated hyperlink inside the body of a [Send email] process element (for example the link to the page of an account: when the user clicks on the link inside the email, then the browser opens the account page)

I didn't find the way to do it using custom email and email templates as well.

How can I do it?

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You can do it with the help of macros. First of all you need to create a template and select a desired macro source and then you can copy a part of the link without the record id like this and add a macro at the end of the link like this:…]

That can be done without any additional configuration, you can also create an html link if you want (in order to hide the full link you will have to develop an html template block)

You can read more below:…

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Thank's Matt, you solved my question

Could you please share the steps , I am unable to open this link . I also want to add a customised url link in my email body. 






Here is an example how I did it using "Accounts" section as an example (please refer to this screenshot Please also note that I used account "Our company" as an example, but you can bind this process to a section if needed. Also please note that you need to build separate processes for different objects of the application. And here is my model of this process:

1) Create a "String" parameter in process parameters (you can read about it here This parameter will be used to convert the ID of the record from "Accounts" object to "String" data type.

2) Add "Read data" element that will read all data from the object, from which the process should start (in my example it is "Accounts")

3) Create formula that will set the value of "http://o-drobina:8001/0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx#CardModuleV2/AccountPageV2/edit/"+[#Read data 1.First item of resulting collection.Id#].ToString()" for "Parameter 1" parameter. This value is formed as:

http://o-drobina:8001/0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx#CardModuleV2/AccountPageV2/edit/ ( which is standard link to the edit page of Account section record) + [#Read data 1.First item of resulting collection.Id#].ToString() (which is conversion of UID value read from "Read data" element to string). This conversion is needed, because the link should be text completely. And it will be used in "Send email" element in the next step.

4) In the "Send email" element please specify all needed parameters (To, from, CC etc.) and the email body should look like this

As a result you will receive an email with link which can be used to redirect users to the needed record in the application and

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Oscar Dylan,


I tried doing what you suggested but get the link as a string and not as hyperlink.

How do I make it be a link?


I ended up creating a template message and there used the Link to object feature. (There you can also hind the full text and put different parameter for the view)


Would still like to know how to get this work through the custom email and not template.



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