CSAT use case in trigger emails

Hi all,


I have a use case to show CSAT measurements in a regular triggered email. Is this possible? I tried to add them to bulk email template but was not able to find the proper macro for doing that.



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Hi Kavian,

You can create a bulk email template with marks in it (e.g. from 1 to 5) and bind a link to each button to track it.

When someone clicks on a mark, a specific campaign flow will be started.

You will be able to aggregate clicks analytics then.
Also, you can automate the aggregation process by creating a business process to analyze clicks.

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Thanks for your explanation.


In order to add Marks in the email template, I have to use "Image"? Or is it any other way?



Kavian Abhari,

you can use images and bind a link to each button image.

Thank you.

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