Creatio Marketplace | "Advanced list setup" issues

Hello colleagues,


View settings I have configured do not operate correctly when not activated directly from an unfiltered view. If I change between folders, the configured view formats are not presented as configured, also when I close my session and connect again, the last view is also not presented correctly, please watch video on


Please, your help


Thanks in advance

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Hi Julio,

We have successfully reproduced the issue that you encountered and reported it to the responsible team. We are waiting for the team’s feedback and will notify you of any updates.

Thank you!

Alexander Demidov,

Thanks Alexander :-)

Alexander Demidov,

Good morning Alexander, did you know if there some news about this issue? We're on a POC to a bigger University and it's very important to us this functionality.

Hello Julio,


We have received the feedback. Unfortunately, there is no way the responsible team can develop these features in the add-on. However, they made the add-on available for shared development -

Hope this helps, 


Have a good forthcoming weekend!

Svetlana Kobizka,

Hello, we are not asking to develop new features, just the provided ones, to work, or retire the app from Marketplace, I understand somebody certify them to works

Hi Julio,

We will ask the responsible team if they have any updates on the issues mentioned above. We will also relay your request to the Marketplace team to check the functionality of the add-on.


Hopefully, this helps.


Thank you!

Alexander Demidov,

Thanks Alexander

Alexander Demidov,

Hello, have any news about this issue?, please help!

Hello Julio,

The responsible team is currently unable to fix the issues mentioned above. The marketplace team has removed this add-on from Marketplace.

Alexander Demidov,

Hi Alexander, yes I saw it was removed :-( I'm sad, it's a good a necessary tool, just to correct the fails. Did you know if they consider to improve it? or be part of the producto core? 

Hi Julio,

Currently, the responsible team is committed to other tasks and is unable to extend the same level of commitment to improving the add-on. That said, we have relayed your request for this functionality to the product core team.


Have a good day!

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