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Hi Community,

I'm trying to understand the behavior of Creatio with Indexed / Non-Indexed databases. Does Creatio handle database indexing by default? If yes, which are the default fields that are indexed?


Also, can a Non-Indexed database affect Creatio's performance considering a production environment? Or does indexing only affect direct DB scripts configured in the packages?


Thanks in advance.

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Hello Halludeen,


Hope you're doing well.


By default, the Creatio application can handle the database indexing. For cloud solutions, we arrange the defragmentation of indexes every day to provide stable site productivity. For on-site deployments, indexing should be configured by the client's/partner's DBA. In the second case, index defragmenting should be done for all available indexes (you can skip this operation for clustered indexes, as it doesn't make a big difference before).


About the non-indexed database, the application also can work with a kind of DB, but we can not assure that the application performance will be as fast as with indexed DB. That's why we recommend to perform index operation for DB records at least once per month.


Thank you for your questions.


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