Create a custom marketing element

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I follow the document in academy to create a custom marketing element

  • In the section 6 (CREATING THE CAMPAIGNCONNECTORMANAGER REPLACING MODULE FOR ADDING THE FLOW OPERATION LOGIC), it said “create a new module schema replacing the CampaignConnectorManager”
  • I can’t create a “replacing client module“ with another name “TestSmsCampaignConnectorManager”
  • And I can’t inherit that module when I create a module, system said “Substitution of modules is not allowed”. After saved, the parent object “CampaignConnectorManager” will remove when refresh page.

So, what can I do?

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In order to override the CampaignConnectorManager module you can create a new module and use "override" as it showed on the screenshot by the link below

In order to activate the newly created module, you need to define it according to the documentation by the link below.

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