Contact Section Wizard Error

Hi All,


Receiving error message while navigating to Contact Section Wizard. Below steps were also applied:

1. Publish Contact Object

2. Generated all Schemas

3. Compile All 


Any suggestions in troubleshooting.

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Dear Anupama,


Thank you for your question!


You have taken the correct steps to resolve this issue:

1. Published the Contact object (you would also need to publish the last changed schema of the page and\or the registry, e.g.: ContactPageV2, ContactSectionV2);

2. Save those schemas;

3. Compile the instance;

4. Clear the browser`s cache;

5. Make sure that you are using the latest browser version. If not, please update the browser, clear the cache.


Hope this helps!

If not, please make sure to submit a ticket to


Thank you!






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