Configuration package, Unable to delete item, because there are items that depend on it

Hello, I created a lookup in the Contact section. I added data into it from the Lookups section. I got a foreign key error while selecting the data entered in the Contact section. I updated the table I created from the Configuration section. Again nothing happened. I deleted Lookup. I removed the relevant column from the contact table. I wanted to delete the relevant section in Configuration, but I got the error "Unable to delete item, because there are items that depend on it". I think I removed the relevant dependencies. How can I learn? Now the system is constantly logout.

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Please provide us with a screenshot of the full error message, so we'll be able to advise you accordingly. 


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 When I try to open it or the update, it crashes and logout of the system. 

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Please try to Update the DB structure for the object that has an error as shown on the screenshot below:


And after that generate the source code for all schemas and "Compile all" from the Configuration section. It should resolve the issue. 

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