Column Deleted from backed but still reflected in frontend while saving the record

Hi Team,


I have deleted on Column from the backend and published the object, but on the frontend when I am trying to create and save a new record, a message displayed that no null value allowed in that column (which I already deleted from backend)


Below is the error message when I try to save new record -


Below is when I try to search Column "Usrave" (I already deleted) in the object - 


I tried to Generate the source code and the compiling the applicaiton but it doesn't work.


Please help here.





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hi Akshit,

Please check this link Foreign Key Violation to find out where are all the places the column is being referred.

And make sure to check is there any trigger is created for table dbo.FinAppliation (With the column name) UsrSave. In that case delete the invalid triggers that uses the 'Column name of table which is deleted from DB'.


Bhoobalan Palanivelu.


Bhoobalan Palanivelu,

Thanks Brother :)


I resolved this by changing this column "Nullable" property = True and then Dropping the column from the table using SQL executor console.

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