Change function complete action in mobile

Hi Team. There is a way to change or add a validation on complete action in the mobile app?




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Hello Federico, 


We don't gave practical examples of such implementation. 


But as far as I remember, the logic of this section is implemented in the MobileActivityGridPageControllerV2 schema. 


Consequently, you can debug this code, see where clicking on this checkbox works and add your logic there.


Best Regards, 


Bogdan L.



Thanks Bogdan, If I need to remplace or extend this schema, what is the best practice in this case?

Federico Buffa ...,


Yes, you can create replacing View Module and replace schema with your own logic or simply add it to exiting schema.

Bogdan Lesyk,


I tried to create the replacing view Module but system can't find the schema in the parent object. The package has the dependency added.

I made a controller to extend/override the code but still is going to the base one. How is the proper way to override the code in the controller? Thanks.

Ext.define("Terrasoft.configuration.controller.SMActivityGridPage", {
	extend: "Terrasoft.configuration.controller.ActivityGridPage",
	statics: {
		Model: Activity
	config: {
		refs: {
			view: "#SMActivityGridPage"
	 * @inheritdoc
	 * @protected
	 * @overridden
	onActivityStatusButtonTap: function() {
		var selectedRecord = this.selectedRecord;
		if (!selectedRecord) {
		var view = this.getView();
		var actionsPicker = view.getActionsPicker(false);
		if (actionsPicker) {
		var activityStatusRecord = this.getOppositeActivityStatusRecord(this.selectedRecord);


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