Change feature for product price

Hello Team, 


Where can change this setting for lock the change of price in the product detail?


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Hello Federico!

If I got it correctly, you want to change the feature "ChangeProductPrice".

You can do it by opening the features menu https://{your site}/0/Nui/ViewModule.aspx#Features.

Or you can write this in you database:

update AdminUnitFeatureState set FeatureState = 1 where FeatureId = 'D3874C28-907A-4B11-AE11-185C6B36C487'

This script will activate the feature "ChangeProductPrice" for all users.

If you write set FeatureState = 0 then you disable the feature. If you want to do it only to specific user, then and condition " and SysAdminUnitId = {id of users SysAdminUnit}".

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