Capture delete event a record in the Editable List from the Parent Page (FreedomUI)

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Can you provide a code snippet of how we can capture the delete event generated from an Editable List, from the parent Page?



We want to catch in the Opportunities_FormPage -> the deletion of a record in Opportunity Team Detail.



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Hi Community,

Any update regarding this scenario?



You can fetch the event of deletion in a business process. Then you can do actions and if your object opportunity has live update set then the updates will appear as soon the business process has run.


Other option would be to add your own action in the list and handle all necessary changes in the page.




There is a crt.DeleteRecordsRequest, you can add a custom handler for this request (handlers in schema metadata).

This request is called when the user tries to delete records from the row menu and bulk actions menu.
But it is called before user confirmation (modal window), and rights checking.

There are such properties in the payload: 

dataSourceName - data source name of list, for which request is called;
filters - filters for records deletion(passed when records deleted by bulk actions panel)

recordIds - record ids which should be deleted (passed when record deleted by clicking row menu delete button)


handlers: /**SCHEMA_HANDLERS*/[{
            request: "crt.DeleteRecordsRequest",
            handler: async (request, next) => {
                const dataSourceName = request.dataSourceName;
                const filters = request.filters;
                const recordIds = request.recordIds ;

                console.log(dataSourceName, filters, recordIds );
                return next?.handle(request);

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