Can't Create the detail record without filling required fields on the page

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Please see the below screenshot : 

System users will come top to down while filling the form but since primary manager and secondary manager fields are required, they can't create record in Qualification and Awards detail first without filling the Primary manager and secondary manager fields.


How can we correct this that keeping the primary manager and secondary stakeholder required, it shouldn't restrict the user to create records in the details?


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We usualy make such field required on specific stages. So, it is possible to fill the details, but not possible to save in next stage until the fields are filled in

Hello Akshit, 


It's not possible to proceed with adding data to details on the record page before filling in the required fields on this page, it's expected behavior and as of now it cannot be changed with basic system tools. 


As mentioned by Vladimir, there is a workaround to make the fields required only on the specific stage of the record, so users will be able to fill in the details with data on the previous stage and on the next stage the fields will be required. 

Please find more information about this functionality in the article below and connected articles:…

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