Cancellation on Approvals

Hi Community,


I just noticed on our approval functionality, it is getting "canceled" automatically. Is there any OOB set up for it. How it is getting cancelled? in the ui the options are only to approve or reject.


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Hello, Fulgen!

We need more details to solve your problem. 

Please specify the following:

You say: "our approval functionality" is this your internal development?

By what principle do you know that approvals go to the canceled status Please provide screenshots.

Pavlo Sokil,


Hi, we've implemented oob approval on our custom section. I wanted to know how it is getting canceled, is there any OOB functionality which is running from the bacground? since on the ui user has only  approve/reject options?



It looks like your Approvals were canceled as process tasks.


If Approval is created by a process or DCM, then when the process is canceled, all of its tasks are also canceled.

Hi Cherednichenko Nikita,


Thanks for the info, is there any way to avoid this? because we are triggerring the approval via business process only.



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