Can we able to run a business process asynchronously

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We are having a scheduled process that runs for all contacts, It is a heavy process. It should not affect the performance of the system.


Is there any option to select to run a business process synchronously or asynchronously.


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Hello Nagaraju,


Based on the information you have provided, I can assume that you are using a [Start timer] event to run the business process on a scheduled basis. If I understood correctly your question, you want to run a few business processes at the same time or asynchronously. Please note that you can select any time when the processes will be run. Thus, you can set up the necessary settings to run them synchronously or asynchronously in the [Start event] element.  You can find more information regarding [Start timer] process event in the article:…





Hi Kseniia Prokopenko,

I have a business process that needs to be run synchronic, is there a way to set the business process to do so?

The business process is triggered with a signal of record added.



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