Can not update page of detail

Hi all,

        In the first time, I create a new detail by "Detail Wizard" from schema object "UsrCampaignDetail" and add it to a section "UsrCampaign". I can use "Setup Detail" to modify layout and I have "UsrCampaignDetailPage1"

        Later, I follow this post to create section from "UsrCampaignDetail". After that,I update layout of detail page "UsrCampaignDetailPageV2" from section wizard.

       When I come back the "detail" of "UsrCampaign", I double click in a row details, the system show the layout of "UsrCampaignDetailPageV2". Why? And from now, I can't update its layout. Even, I try create a new "detail" by "Detail Wizard", I can't setup its page. Console always shows error:

core-base.js:681 user: Supervisor/7f3b869f-34f3-4f20-ab4d-7480a5fdf647
 file: undefined
 line: undefined
 column: undefined
 message: Item with key 7157a8bf-2cc3-4261-8cfc-4ed8607cf3cc Does not exist 
 date: Fri May 10 2019 11:37:07 GMT+0700 (Indochina Time)
 moduleId: undefined
 moduleName: undefined


Please help me detect what error, and how to fix.


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Hello Toan,

Creating a new section for existing object is a pretty ambitious task. What I recommend to fo is Ito create new section via section wizard. After that you should create new detail via detail wizard. You can create or modify detail page when you are creating or modifying detail via detail wizard

After that actions, you will have section, detail and 2 separate edit pages.

You may transfer data from old object to a new one via sql script, or business process.

Best regards,


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