Can not insert null Guid in Creatio instance running in PostgreSQL

Hello Team,

I am trying to insert a null guid directly to the DB. I use the following snippet

	QueryColumnExpression nullParameter =
					Column.Parameter(DBNull.Value, new GuidDataValueType(UserConnection.DataValueTypeManager));
				update.Set("ResponseDetailsId", nullParameter);

I get the following exception


System.NotSupportedException: The CLR type Terrasoft.Core.DB.QueryColumnExpression isn't supported by Npgsql or your PostgreSQL. If you wish to map it to a PostgreSQL composite type you need to register it before usage, please refer to the documentation.


If this is not a suitable way, which is the proper way to insert a null guid directly in a PostgreSQL db from C# code ?

Like 1





new Update(_userConnection, "SysAdminUnit")
					.Set("LDAPElementId", Column.Parameter(null, "Guid"))
			int operationsCount = update.Execute();


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