Call an external page by passing a parameter

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Currently, I show in an iframe a static local page created manually

How can I call an external page by passing a parameter? For example, contact Id.

This page would be shown, for example, by clicking on a button

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You can create a web service in bpm'online. Then call the web service by clicking on the button and pass the parameter.…

The web service will send a message to the page displayed in the iframe. The page should have it's own api to receive and process the request. 

There is no way to pass a parameter into an iframe. There are just different pages and they can communicate in the ways how different websites are communicate.

This article might be of some help. Towards the bottom it outlines how to dynamically add an iframe on a tab and set the src of the iframe to a URL which includes a value from the record. You could use this same approach to create an iframe on the contact and set the src url including the contacts ID value.…

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