Calculated Metric is not working

Hi Team,

We have preconfigured metrics that were perfect but now they are not visible 

If we tried to add new or modify existing we are not able to do that in the case of calculated metrics.

Metrics are in the account section in the general workplace.

Before it is working fine but it is not working today.

The Marketplace we are using:



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what did you do to fix this ?

No solution yet.. mine is broken as well.. 

Hi Bhumika,


We could not reproduce your issue in Creatio 7.18.1. So far it looks like you have an outdated version of the add-on that replaced BootstrapModulesV2. Please install the current version of the add-on from Creatio Marketplace and re-check the issue.

Hy if I re-install it It will preserve my Metric calculations configuration present in the system or I need to create the same again.

Hi Bhumika,


We recommend installing the up-to-date package from Creatio Marketplace without uninstalling the previous version. The previously configured metrics should remain unchanged.

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