Calculated Field Widget in Freedom UI

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know if there is a way to use the Calculated Field Widget for Dashboards, within the new Freedom UI? 


I note on 8.0.2 there is a way to copy elements from old UI. Is this possible? 





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Hello Mark,


Could you please describe in greater detail your task?


Thank you,


Hi Artem, 

within the old UI, we have the marketplace add-on "Calculated Metrics For Creatio", which once installed, has the ability to create calculated metrics in "Dashboards". 

I would like to migrate from the old UI dashboard, to freedom dashboard. However, calculated fields is mandatory. 

Is is possible through dev to implement this DevLabs add-on with the Freedom Dashboard?


Unfortunately, there is no way to set up existing sections in the Atlas UI.
Our developers are already working on bringing this functionality in future releases of Atlas.
As soon as they bring this feature old sections will be automatically updated.
Thank you,

Hi Artem, 


I am referring to using the element within the new UI. Not bringing an existing section into it. 



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