Business rules in freedom UI


I'm trying to add business rules in the freedom UI but looks like they are way less advanced than the business rules in the Classic UI. 

Is that right or am I missing something?

I want to do the following: If Project is filled in THAN School.Semester = Project.Semester 

(school object has a lookup field Project), it was possible to add this to the classic UI but I can't find a way to get a value from another field, just constant.

Waiting for your answer and hope there is a way. otherwise, the freedom UI is great but this feature of business rules is used so many times by us and I would have to go back to the classic ui after all the work I've done.

Thanks in advance,


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You need Creatio 8.0.9…

"Business rules 

Filters for dropdown fields. It is now possible to filter available values of a dropdown field by selected value of another dropdown field in Freedom UI using business rules. For example, filter cities by selected country."

Single reason why we have not switched the contact/accounts sections to Customer 360 app yet.

Damien Collot,

I have 8.0.9 and can filter dropdown by other values but still can't set field value from connected objects like I can in Classic UI.

Damien Collot,

But it doesn't work in Mobile app yet. Waiting for next release :)

Damien Collot,

Any updates on this??


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