business rules do not apply

Hi community!

I am trying to add some validation in Lead section by setting business rules.

I need to make one field mandatory at two specific Lead stages for specific Customer needs.

As I am unable to group conditions I created like 5 different business rules. It seems it works only if one of them is enabled. If I have like both of them enabled then validations don't apply.


some examples:



Like 0





this is correct, usually you cannot set more than 1 rule for a specific field.


The thing is that the system needs one parameter to change a fileld specified in the rule, and once there are two or more rules, the system does not understand which one to use, as the result - only one can be applied.


The good news is that group conditions are being developed and this feature should be enabled in the nearest verstion of the system.





Thanks Gleb, did you know in what release this feature will be implemented?

Julio Falcon (Cibernética),


This feature was implemented in version 8.0.3, Freedom UI.

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