Business processes stuck in running



I have a problem with my business processes. They keep triggering or starting (depending on the start signal) but they won't complete any element. In the Execution Diagram they are not completing or going anywhere on the flow.

I tried to Generate source code for all schemas, compile, restarting IIS, clear cache and restarting the app pool.

Which is the cause of this problem and how I can solve the problem?


Thank you

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Could you please tell us if the script is used there? 


No, there is no script element.



To resolve this issue:

  • Connect RabbitMQ.
  • Reduce the number of background processes by making the most critical processes non-background. This will free up resources for more important operations.
  • Increase the configuration for the number of concurrently executing processes. For example, you can modify the parameter messageProcessingThreadsCount in the internal web.config file to be 50% higher than the current value. This will distribute the workload across a greater number of threads and speed up the execution of operations.
  • Consider upgrading to version 8.0.3 or newer. More recent versions have significant optimizations aimed at improving process execution speed.



Please contact Creatio Support for us to investigate the error internally.

You can contact us by sending an email to

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