Business Process is not Triggering with Process Log Object

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I was trying to build one scenario - On Error come during process execution i.e. System shows Error in Process Log Section, I want to log it in another Custom section and Create new record there. 

For this, I created a business process that can be triggered on the Change in Process Log Object. But that process is not getting triggered. Please guide me here? How to do it correctly?


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Dear Pratik,

Please note that our application doesn't support designing business processes that are triggered by a modification in system objects. The core of business process mechanisms works on low-level API which doesn't support start signal's functionality. This is done in order to avoid any kind of accidents with business process mechanisms and also for performance maintaining reasons.


However, you can try designing a process that runs, for example, every day and checks Process log records for errors, and then sends this information to a specific mailbox.


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Hi Pratik,

I had a similar issue, and that's the solution I came up with: 

My process is scheduled to run every 4 hours and the read data searches for process marked with the "Error" status, which name starts with a custom prefix (that I assigned to identify my processes). The subprocess is used to log the error in another custom section.

Hope it helps! 

Hi Mira and Federica Cattani,

Thanks for the help and explanation. 

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