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I am building a business process that needs a little help. 

My process should send an approval where user will select the approver . Incase the approver rejects the approval should fill the reason of rejection and the user seeking the approval should be  notified about the reason. How can this be created ?

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Dennis Hudson,

Thanks Dennis. It really helped.

After this my next requirement is the person approving the request fills out the rejection reason and the process should use “Open Edit Page” in the “Edit Mode” to display the original record in the context of the user seek the approval containing the rejection notes.

Once the original user makes changes to the record it is resubmitted for approval.

This cycle should continue for 3   iterations. If the approval is not granted after three attempts, the process terminates.

Dennis Hudson,

Thanks Dennis ,  I will try that also . One thing I want to know here is the reason why the 'Approval' element is not required in the process ? How will it send the approval without adding the approval element ?

Unfortunately, certification questions are not allowed on the community. 

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