bpmonline on-prem site slow to update a contact

Please help....
I am seeing the following request dragging when I try to edit & save a contact on my on-prem Bpmonline application (v 7.13). 

Any idea why this is doing that? Has anyone else saw that the waiting screen shows for 40+sec after saving a Contact record? Everytime it is FindDuplicatesOnSave call that kept taking looong time. 

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Hi Kumar, 

The duplicate search service should definitely work faster. You can try debugging it to detect possible issues as described in the "Server code debugging" article. The service name is DeduplicationService, the "Deduplication" package.

The performance delay might appear at the database level, In this case. call the "tsp_FindDuplicate" procedure. You can check how it works.

Hope this helps.



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