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Is there a way to block users from being able to edit records using the side arrows when they are viewing a record in the mobile app? I understand this is something that will be fixed in a future release, but our users want to use the app now but this "feature" creates a lot of risk in rolling it out to them.

I have tried a couple of methods but not had much luck so far.


Terrasoft.sdk.Model.addBusinessRule("Opportunity", {

    name: "Usrtest123",

    ruleType: Terrasoft.RuleTypes.Custom,

    triggeredByColumns: ["Probability"],

    events: [Terrasoft.BusinessRuleEvents.Load],

    executeFn: function(record, rule, column, customData, callbackConfig, event) {


        Terrasoft.sdk.RecordPage.configureColumn("Opportunity", "Detail","Probability",


            isInPlaceEditingMode: false,

            customPreviewConfig: {

                                    xtype: "visitactionviewfield"






    if (this.isAddMode() || this.isCopyMode() || this.isEditMode()) {

                            record.changeProperty("Probability",    {

                                                        readOnly: false,


    } else {

                    record.changeProperty("Probability",    {

                                                        readOnly: true,



    // do something

    Ext.callback(callbackConfig.success, callbackConfig.scope, [true]);



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Dear Heather,


Unfortunately, it is not possible to change this functionality. Please note that we have notified the developer team about the issue. The issue will be resolved in the upcoming releases.


Best regards,


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