Best practice - how transfer initial set-up ?



I'm going through initial setup tutorial , but i can't find information how to add this initial settings to the package in case to transfer them from local env to test cloud env.

So my thought is, what is the best practice to make this setup ? I know that i can (and how to do this) add settings to the package, workspaces, lookups and that all required records for schemas are added automatically. But for example i don't know what data binding should be added in case of logo castomisation - SysSettings and SysImage or maybe this example should be settings on each env separately instead of installing package ?


Is there any deeper documentation that this one ,or even that documentation of tables which could be binding to package in case of system settings ?


Marcin Kott


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There is another article that describes the process of data binding to packages and can be found here. It is not as informative as it should be but it contains additional information on data binding. Also there is a free marketplace app that makes data binding process much more easier and here is the link to it (makes the process of system settings binding much more easier).

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