Automatic Email is not delivered to account email address when a case is created or case stage is changed/closed

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When a case is raised by a contact, then a confirmation mail of the case is creation is sent to the contact's email id as well as when the stage of the case is moved/resolved an email is sent. But the same doesn't happen when an account is linked to the case, though the account as an email [communication options] field value being provided. No email is sent to the account's email id but in the case processing tab —> system message, we are able to see the message but there is no "To" added to it and hence no mail is received by the account holder.

Also, we tried to add primary account to the account to check if the OOTB process picks up the primary account email id to send the mail for an account but the result is the same, no mail is triggered.

Question : is there a way to send a mail OOTB to account holder for case creation and other activities performed in the case.
Also, there are email templates for the contact referring Email’s only for case creation but didn’t notice any template referring to account.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Amritha


Thank you for your question!


First of all, you need to add the 'email' field to the account's page as there is no such field as 'email' there (only communication options). After this, you can send a notification stated in this field using out-of-the-box functionality. It is possible to do it through the business process. It would be necessary to create a new one, which would read the newly created case, read its related account, and send the email to the mailbox which you mention as the primary one for this account. As for your second question, such templates can be created. They are not common as most of the time emails are sent to contacts or groups of contacts but not to accounts.


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