Auto Numbering for Custom Section


I have a scenario, where a custom section's record can be created from opportunity via business process, as well as from its own section page. I am trying to implement auto numbering for the section.

The problem I face is that I could not sync the sequence number from both the business process and the auto numbering, done via system settings, as the system settings value gets incremented by 1 irrespective of what the previous sequence might be. 

So, I planned on using ESQ to fetch the collection of records in db, sorting them in descending order and getting the first record from it. Below is the code I have used for that.


recordIdAutoNumbering : function(callback, scope) {
                var result = {
                    success: true
                if (this.isAddMode() || this.isCopyMode()) {
                    var esq = Ext.create("Terrasoft.EntitySchemaQuery", {
                    rootSchemaName: "UsrClientSection"
                var name = esq.addColumn("UsrName");
                esq.orderPosition = 0;
                esq.orderDirection = Terrasoft.OrderDirection.DESC;
                esq.getEntityCollection(function (result) {
                    if (result.success) {
                       if (result.collection.getCount() > 0) {
                          //  window.alert();
                                //result.success = false;
                                } else {
                           || this, result);
                            }, scope);
                 this.set("UsrName", result);


I am getting undefined error while fetching the "result.collection[0]". Could you please shed some light on how this scenario can be handled.


Also please suggest any better practice to get this issue solved henceforth.




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You can achieve this from server side auto numbering!!! ESQ is not required if u follow it.

Or else Create a table for example.UsrAutonumber Add a integer column to it. say 1 to integer column.

take the number from this table when you are adding a record for the autonumber from ESQ . Update the column to 2 in UsrAutonumber table once  you save the record .


Use server side implementation.

Thank you

Sriraksha KS,

Thanks Sriraksha.

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