Assignee must be in assignment group

I am customizing the Cases and I would like to have only assignees that are part of the assignment group. How is it feasible ?

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Dear Lehmann,

There is no out of the box functionality that would allow to filter assignee values lookup. However, it can be achieved with the development tools. Here is the example:

1. Create a new object and use it as a source for a new lookup. The object should contain information about the lookup values that should be visible for user groups.

2. Build a filter on the lookup. 

Here is the community post

The filter should represent the query. Here is the example:

select *

from lookup l

join LinkTable lt on lt.lId = l.Id

join SysAdminUnitInRole sau on sau.SysAdminRoleId = lt.RoleId

where sau.SysAdminUniId = CurrentUserId

If the filter doesn't work you can try to catch the request with sql server profiler and debug the functionality. 

More details on how to create complex queries for filters can be found here:

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