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Greetings Community,
I need the options to Approve, Reject and Change Approver in the Approval tab only to be enabled for the assigned approver and not for any one else currently all users are able to approve or reject the approval.
PFA Screen shot for reference


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To solve your business task you can set up Approvals for the section.

The following instructions can help you to achieve the result you are looking for:


Approvals can be managed (approved or rejected):

  • By a specific employee, for example, a department manager.

  • By an employee of the specific role (user group), such as “Finance department,” “Administration,” etc.

Kalymbet Anastasia,

I have already configured the approvals as mentioned in the article but the issue is currently all the users in the system  are able to approve/reject the approval.
I need  the approval to be rejected/approved only by the user assigned as approver.

Janhavi Tanna,

You can create a specific role, and allow users of this role to change records of this object.
So, only specific users will be able to edit approvals, while the other users will be able only to read those records.
Best regards, Alex.

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