anonymous custom configuration service in .net core on premise setup

I have set up sales teams 7.18 .net core in windows system. I have come across the following post ( to create anonymous service. Please guide me on following questions:

  1. Should .svc file be externally created? If so where exactly it should be placed in the local folder?
  2. what are the steps for visual studio IDE settings for .net core setup in windows?
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Regarding your question about creating an anonymous web service: please follow the link below to the documentation, here you can find all the needed information in the "Develop a custom web service that uses anonymous authentication for .NET Core" section.

The short answer is, in .NetCore you don't need need to create the .svc file, you simply need to modify an appsettings.json file.


As for your second question, basically, there are no special steps/settings in VS IDE for .net core. It contains lots of tools but they are all optional and are not absolutely required for .net core. 
The only thing you should understand is that the code will be compiled under netstandard.


The application installation package on the .Net Core platform is universal, both on Linux and Windows.


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