alter/add row buttons on newly-created section detail

I have just created a new section, named "Autos" and need to alter the section detail, in order to add/alter buttons. The section module was created as "AutosSection", but I cannot find the section detail module, in order to alter/include buttons and actions.

Please advise. Thanks.


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Hello Ricardo,

From the original post I can assume that you've created a new section, but you haven't created a detail. So currently you need to create a detail and it is described in an Academy article here or here.

Once done you will receive a detail with an editable list which can be modified after that. Here is an article on how to add custom buttons to an edit page.

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Oscar, Thanks for the reply. The problem is that I do not want to create a new detail. I just want to alter the buttons on the section-selected row...


Ricardo Bigio,

Then if you need to include new buttons to an edit page please use this article and to alter button you just need to apply changes to the edit page according to your needs. Here is a set of articles and questions on similar topic:

You need to have an edit page schema for this created section (named like Object_namePageV2) and all changes are performed there and they are fully described in articles provided.

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I need to add/alter buttons on the section page, on the records list (where the buttons OPEN/COPY/DELETE appear when a record is selected). I suppose I have to include the buttons on the section page, not on the edit page . Is it correct?

I have tried to add buttons to the section page, according to some academy directions (I did not find any clue on how to delete or alter existing buttons on de section record list). I get no errors, but no new button is shown when I select a record.

This is the last one I tried:

This one describes exactly what my problem is. Unfortunately it did not work for me.


Solved. Thanks

My Last code (on AutoSection).

define("UsrAutoSection", ["UsrAutoSectionResources"], 

function(resources) {

    return {

        // Name of the section object schema.

    entitySchemaName: "UsrAuto",

    attributes: {},

    details: /**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/{}/**SCHEMA_DETAILS*/,

    methods: {         

        // override the onActiveRowAction parent method(buttonTag, primaryColumnValue)

        onActiveRowAction: function(buttonTag, primaryColumnValue) {


                switch (buttonTag) {

                    case "AutoButton":






    // SHOW AUTOS   


    onAutoButtonClicked: function (primaryColumnValue) {

        this.showInformationDialog("AutoButton Clicked...");




    diff: /**SCHEMA_DIFF*/[

            // Metadata for adding a custom button to a section.


        "operation": "insert",

        "propertyName": "activeRowActions",

        "parentName": "DataGrid",

        "name": "AutotButton",

        "values": {

            "className": "Terrasoft.Button",


            "caption": resources.localizableStrings.UsrShowAutosButton,

            "tag": "AutoButton",

            "enabled": true,

            "visible": true






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