Add Message to Feed in a business process.

Hello all, this seems like a simple task, but I can not find any good documentation or way to make this work. Does any have any examples on how to send a message to a specific channel in the Feed in a business process?  I have searched the community, looked at existing process. I can not make it work.


Thank you

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Hi keith schmitt,

The below thread will have the similar implementation of sending message to feed through business process.




Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

I tried that, but it does not work. Where do I set EntityId

keith schmitt,

In the EntityId column of Add record element for Message/comment object. 


Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Many thanks, 

When I do Add data, and Pick Message/Comment  I do not see entityId I only see Id. When I set the id to the lookup value of the Channel it errors out saying the guid does not exist. See below my options to pick. 

keith schmitt,

"Object instance" is the Id of the record (the EntityId field)


keith schmitt,

SchemaUId --> "Schema" column/Field 

EntityId --> "Object instance" column/field




Bhoobalan Palanivelu.

Thank you getting closer,

SchemaUId --> "Schema" column/Field   is what? Lead or Oppo or Project?

EntityId --> "Object instance" column/field  the lookup value of the channel?

Looking at this, when I use the feed and post to the channel this is the query that is used. I have the enityid Correct by using the lookup, what lookup do I use for schemaId

	"message": {
		"SchemaUId": "dd74c060-eb4b-4f15-b381-db91ca5ac483",
		"EntityId": "49572afc-1e79-42dd-be35-a82d9f42a200",
		"Message": "<p>test2</p>\n\n<div> </div>\n"


Finally got this working. Thank you to the Creatio Support Team. Schema is the UID of "SocialChannel" Object Instance is the ID of the feed you want to post to.


Thanks all

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