Add Icon in edit page and display the icon in records in Section page

Hi Team,


I am looking for a feasibility in implementing this functionality of adding icons in Edit page of a section object and sort the records having icon.


Ideally my requirement is in 2 part

1. An icon to be placed next to a Boolean field in edit page

2. To which all fields the boolean is checked, the records in the section page should be ordered first with those records and then the remaining records.


Kindly suggest if it is feasible. Hoping for a positive reply


Thank you!

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Hello, Anupama!


Here is the guide how you can possibly add the field with an image:…


Regarding your second question - that can be done just by UI, if you set up the logic, and show the column on the page - you can just click on this column and all the data will be ordered by it. Like this: 


If I ckick my "TestBoolean" field, it becomes ordered by this field with value 'Yes'. 


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Bogdan L.

Thanks Bogdan Lesyk for the links. 


With the first part, I have a question with the image container suggestion.


1. I want a static image which gets displayed when ever the check box is checked. With the image container, would I be able to disable the methods - beforePhotoFileSelected(), onPhotoChange() and onPhotoUploaded()  as it is not required to open the file upload part and event for photochange.

2. I want the image in the ProfileContainer with max 24*24 dimension. How much feasible is that?


Second part of the question, which I should have framed it with more details. So ideally the checkbox field which has image associated should also be displayed in the section similar to how it is displayed in Account and it should by default sort with records that has the checkbox checked (with the image icon displayed) to displayed in top results with unchecked records in bottom results.


Appreciate your valuable input.






Actually, we don't have practical examples of such implementation and I'm not sure it's possible to do. 


Another workaround here could be adding the picture as I mentioned in the previous answer, then you can set up a Business rule, e.g if your Boolean field is checked, then you can show this field with an image on the page.…


Hopefully, it helps! 


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Bogdan L. 

Bogdan Lesyk,



I have followed the steps that was shared in Community Post

Add Manager Mood from Opportunities to Accounts | Community Creatio


Have created and registered the LookupEdit Page to the db. In my requirement, was able to place the image in the lookup edit page but while setting column, I don't find that field. I have tried generating all schemas after the implementation and compiled the package. 

I would need to add the lookup to LeadPageV2 in Profile Container but the lookup should display the image instead of the Name field value/ Kindly suggest! Thanks

Link to the files are included here


1. UsrPriorityLookupEditPageV2.j

2. UsrPriorityLookupSectionV2.js

3. LeadPageV2.js

Appreciate your valuable comments. 






Let's perform the discussion in terms of this thread -….


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