Add button to call HTTP

I have a Power Automate HTTP that calls a report and emails the report.

I simply want to add a button or run service to Creatio to preform the same action?


How do I this, is it using the Web Call Service, if so I have tried this but not working?

Is possible to simply add a button with a hyper-link?

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Here are some guides that might be helpful.


Some ideas on how to add buttons:……


How to run a process by clicking the custom button…


How to call for webservice using a process:…




dean parrett,

This documentation with examples of "How to run a process by clicking the custom button" is useful for a problem that I have, but is there also any example of how to run processes from buttons in the mobile application?

Dear Daniel,


The mobile app doesn't support launching the processes by button click. They can be launched only by editing\creating\deleting a record. There is no way to bind a process to some function like onClick in mobile app. The process will no launch. This feature will be added in the nearest future application versions.




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